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Salon Trolleys

Cabinet for hairdresser Luca Rossini Carpi..
359.00€ 410.00€
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Cabinet for hairdresser Luca Rossini Tengo..
239.00€ 280.01€
Ex Tax:197.52€
Salon Cabinet DIR FlorenceThe Florence, with its softly-accented, glossy exterior and solid wood drawers, and packed with handy equipment slots, is a trusty and stylish companion to any stylist.Super durable and easy-to-clean surface Soft-closing drawers for smooth operation Slide-out ..
649.00€ 700.00€
Ex Tax:536.36€
Salon Cabinet DIR Romance II
Top -8 %
Salon Cabinet DIR Romance IIDir's newly added Trolley Romance II will be the jewel of our Trolley selections, this unit is available on All White, Black Ash and All Black. The newly designed Trolley is fitted with multiple large drawers for storage and one lockable drawer for personal belongin..
579.00€ 630.00€
Ex Tax:478.51€
Salon cabinet Salon Ambience BridgeThe Bridge two-drawer wall cabinet is the professional's best ally. Conceived with electrical socket predisposition, and equipped with lowered fronts that allow the hair dryer cable to come out, Bridge is extremely functional.The Bridge cabinet (as well a..
439.00€ 490.00€
Ex Tax:362.81€
Salon cabinet Salon Ambience CannesThe Cannes cabinet is now also available with front in the materials vintage 01, black ash 02 and cement grey 03, in addition to white ash 06...
249.00€ 290.00€
Ex Tax:205.79€
Salon Colouring Trolley REM Blush
Top -18 %
Salon Colouring Trolley REM BlushThe Blush Colouring Trolley offers everything you need, stable high impact black polypropylene base with chrome pole and large easy clean, hair free castors. Comes complete with foil dispenser, versatile top tray with multiple function and bowls. The wheels are r..
239.00€ 290.00€
Ex Tax:197.52€
Salon Trolley Apollo LuxThe Apollo Lux Trolley is the upgraded version of the Apollo trolley. This model comes with laminate side panels which you can choose out of any of our exclusive REM laminates collection. The Salon trolley offers a lot of storage space for all kinds of tools. Its easy t..
319.00€ 375.00€
Ex Tax:263.64€
Salon trolley DIR BeautyKeeping your Spa or Salon neatly is never easy, Dir's Beauty Cart is designed to assist you with that concern. Built with full metal frame and tempered glass shelving along with roller wheels, this unit is sturdy, agile and user friendly. Large shelves provide ample sto..
419.00€ 479.99€
Ex Tax:346.28€
Salon trolley DIR CubexFitting all your tools and necessities couldn't be any easier with Dir's latest roller Trolley Cart Cubex, allowing stylists to work out of the rolling station with built-in tools rings and hair care product racks along with multiple drawers.Soft closing drawers B..
569.00€ 630.00€
Ex Tax:470.25€
Salon Trolley DIR Passage
Top -9 %
Salon Trolley DIR PassageThe Trolley Passage is a contemporary black styling salon trolley with a storage cabinet. This easy-clean unit provides ample storage and compliments any salon. Fitted with lockable rug-roller wheels for stable every-day use...
529.00€ 580.00€
Ex Tax:437.19€
Salon Trolley DIR Pedi Mani..
559.00€ 610.00€
Ex Tax:461.98€
Salon Trolley DIR ShampooDir Shampoo Cart is beautifully balanced with simple yet everyday user friendly design. This unit's small size allows it to fit in between small areas and in between shampoo units. This unit features a large top tray to house shampoo and hair cleaning products along ..
419.00€ 470.00€
Ex Tax:346.28€
Salon Trolley DIR Spa RollerCompact, versatile and reliable, our Spa Roller Cart is sure to be a useful companion in the busy medical office and salon spa floor alike. Built on high strength, full metal framing atop durable, all-metal casters, this medical spa trolley cart can smoothly glide..
359.00€ 410.00€
Ex Tax:296.69€
Salon Trolley Luca Rossini FaTroley for hairdressers..
439.00€ 500.00€
Ex Tax:362.81€
Salon Trolley Luca Rossini ReTroley for hairdressers..
329.00€ 400.00€
Ex Tax:271.90€
Salon Trolley REM ApolloThe modern Apollo Trolley is versatile and practical. It is a useful storage system for any hairdressers or beauty Salon. This compact steel frame trolley features easy-clean castors, a dryer holster, six sliding trays and flip out trays, which can accommodate accessori..
279.00€ 330.00€
Ex Tax:230.58€
Salon Trolley REM Athena
Top -13 %
Salon Trolley REM AthenaThe Athena is a versatile colouring trolley with plenty of functional features including a stable high impact black polypropylene base, chrome pole and large easy clean, hair free castors. The working storage and top trays include a foil dispenser and recess for brushes..
340.00€ 390.00€
Ex Tax:280.99€
Salon Trolley REM ClioThe Clio Trolley is very popular in hair and beauty Salons. It has five deep storage trays that are designed for easy slide use and practical holster and accessory trays. The castors can be disassembled for cleaning. Available as black standard edition or as Lux edition wi..
359.00€ 400.00€
Ex Tax:296.69€
Salon Trolley REM PrimaPrima is a high-quality Hair and Beauty Salon Trolley with a refined look. Prima will complement the most elegant of Salon work spaces. Includes a fixed shelf, four sliding trays and a lockable door. The brushed steel handle makes it easier to move the trolley around.F..
539.00€ 645.00€
Ex Tax:445.45€
Salon Trolley REM SPAThe Spa Trolley is designed to complement our REM Beauty Spa Couches and has 3 fixed shelves and castors for ease of movement.Castors on base 3 generous shelves for machine storage Easy clean work surfaces Available in Michigan Elm and Rustic Oak..
329.00€ 380.00€
Ex Tax:271.90€
Salon Trolley REM StadiumAlways have your tools and equipment right to hand and neatly stashed away with the Stadium Beauty Trolley in rustic oak laminate. The 4 slide out trays and top tray offer a lot of storage space. The trays can also be clipped to the top tray on each side for easier use. ..
369.00€ 420.00€
Ex Tax:304.96€
Salon Trolley Salon Ambience GlamThe practical Glam trolley offers 6 six removable plastic trays and is supported by wheels. Dryer holder included. Glam is available in white ash 06, vintage 01, black ash 02 e cement grey 03...
599.00€ 700.00€
Ex Tax:495.04€
Salon Trolley Salon Ambience StyleThe Style trolley combines versatility and stylish design, bringing a new and useful tool to modern workspaces. The Style trolley offers you 3 removable semi-transparent plastic shelf trays, and also a deep drawer for larger items. Equipped with wheels and d..
599.00€ 700.00€
Ex Tax:495.04€
Salon Trolley Sibel Columbia
New -15 %
Salon Trolley Sibel ColumbiaSalon Trolley Sibel Columbia a handy work trolley on silent rubber wheels with 5 extending drawers and a hair dryer..
179.00€ 210.00€
Ex Tax:147.93€
Salon Trolley Sibel Control
New -12 %
Salon Trolley Sibel ControlSalon Trolley Sibel Control service trolley with 6 removable drawers of which 2 have compartments, hair dryer holder and 2 small storage compartments at the side..
237.00€ 270.00€
Ex Tax:195.87€
Salon Trolley Sibel Discrete
New -16 %
Salon Trolley Sibel DiscreteSalon Trolley Sibel Discrete. Store all your hairdressing equipment out of sight in this service trolley with four strong sides. Easy access via two sliding doors with magnetic fastening. Available in ecru and black...
219.00€ 260.00€
Ex Tax:180.99€
Salon Trolley Sibel E Trolley
New -19 %
Salon Trolley Sibel E TrolleySalon Trolley is made of polypropylene, which makes it a lightweight yet durable trolley table. It has a high gloss fi nishing for easy cleaning and maintenance and is very convenient to assemble. It holds 6 removable trays that can be clipped on both sides of the top tr..
89.00€ 110.00€
Ex Tax:73.55€
Salon Trolley Sibel Eco Jolly
New -27 %
Salon Trolley Sibel Eco JollySalon Trolley Sibel Eco Jolly large diameter work top space and sturdy stainless steel base and column with 4 wheels...
95.00€ 130.00€
Ex Tax:78.51€
Salon Trolley Sibel Escort
New -21 %
Salon Trolley Sibel EscortSalon Trolley Sibel Escort work trolley consisting of a round or square work surface made of unbreakable material. Fitted with 2 brush holders, a sturdy chrome base and silent rubber wheels..
114.00€ 145.00€
Ex Tax:94.21€
Salon Trolley Sibel Escort oval
New -20 %
Salon Trolley Sibel Escort ovalSalon Trolley Sibel Escort work trolley consisting of a round or square work surface made of unbreakable material. Fitted with 2 brush holders, a sturdy chrome base and silent rubber wheels..
121.00€ 152.00€
Ex Tax:100.00€
Salon Trolley Sibel Escort square white
New -19 %
Salon Trolley Sibel Escort square whiteSalon Trolley Sibel Escort work trolley consisting of a round or square work surface made of unbreakable material. Fitted with 2 brush holders, a sturdy chrome base and silent rubber wheels..
125.00€ 155.00€
Ex Tax:103.31€
Salon Trolley Sibel Milano
New -17 %
Salon Trolley Sibel MilanoThis practical trolley smoothly accompanies you from one client to the next, while all your equipment remains within reach..
175.00€ 210.00€
Ex Tax:144.63€
Salon Trolley Sibel Passy
New -29 %
Salon Trolley Sibel PassySalon Trolley Sibel Passy trolley with four drawers – surface extends with two hinged accessory trays – extra slim packaging – easy to assemble..
82.00€ 115.00€
Ex Tax:67.77€
Salon Trolley Sibel Secret
New -14 %
Salon Trolley Sibel SecretTrolley with four closed sides for a tidier look – 4 profi led drawers with shock absorbers to reduce the noise of the wheels - retractable tools tray and tool holders are incorPorated in the frame - ABS frame (unbreakable)..
215.00€ 250.00€
Ex Tax:177.69€
Salon Trolley StudioThis black Studio Trolley is very popular in hair and beauty Salons. It has five deep storage trays that are designed for easy slide use. Available with a flat top and features smooth glide hair free castors as standard. Made out of high quality polypropylene, the trolley has..
295.00€ 345.00€
Ex Tax:243.80€
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